Who we are

Gomah Alimentos was founded in the end of 2013, with the goal of supplying natural seeds for the food industries worlwide. Today, we are a small team dreaming big to improve the health and wellness of end consumers. 

We are based in Sorocaba (São Paulo state), where we receive, clean and process our seeds. In our factory, we do not add any type of additives nor conservants to our products. We supply the origin. We believe in the raw material. In the natural.

As our focus is on food industries (bakery, biscuits, tahini, natural products, oil, etc), we have developed core competences to serve you in the best way.  

There are many challenges related to our business: Obesity, Inequality, Difficult access to healthy food, Lack of education, Food waste, etc. We believe that as a company we have the responsibility to improve the problems we face globally, and act to improve this context. We want to be part of it.

Vision: Consumers are aware of what they are eating, and how  the ingredients are being produced. 

Mission: Be the best supplier of sesame seeds inBrazil to food industries. 

Values: Transparency, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Partnership and Business Ethics.


Nosso cliente foco é a indústria de panificação, biscoitos e produtos naturais.Desenvolvemos competências para atendê-los da melhor forma possível.